Excitement for: House of the Dragon

Collected from House of the dragon facebook page

When we do something for the first time it always creates emotional value to us.

I started to watching tv/web series for the first time in, 2018 before that I used to watch hella movies.

My first ever web series was Game of Thrones
From the very first day, I got binged.
Can’t even express how much excited I was for every episodes to watch!
Well, I was late for the party. So, I got the chance to watch season 1- season 7 all at once. Sometimes, I used to spend 12–13hours in one sitting. Can you believe that??
But then comes season 8!
My! My! For every episodes, I had to wait whole weekend! HBO has that tend to release every episodes in every week so we audience can’t do much about that but wait for it!
Well, for many season 8 was really disappointing! But for me, it was ok! And worth watching.
I still remember completing my very first web series and get over it was really hard.
For like a month, I couldn’t concentrate on any other series or movies! I was that hooked up!

Now time and a lot of things has changed but the emotion for #gameofthrones hasn’t changed a bit.
How can that be changed! Now that HBO has comes up with its prequel House of the Dragon .
My emotion and excitement gone skyrocket again.
I don’t really know how the whole series will be! Even if it ables to fulfill my desires!
But man! I’m gonna watch every episodes of it. With the same excitement as I used to do for Game of Thrones.✌️



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