How overthinking is good! here is few things you need to know

Overthinking is not as bad as it’s considered. The one who thinks a lot and analyzes the long term or short term effect of any particular decision; is optimistic and more satisfied.
In fact, it’s observed that over thinkers are more ready for any situation be it “good or bad”. They are more efficient, a better decision-maker and a great friend. No matter what happens next, the overthinker is ready for it.

Living on our mistakes, problems and drawbacks increases our chances of being affected by mental health problems. Overthinking can set you up for a vicious cycle that is difficult to break.
It wreaks havoc on our mental peace and as we lose your peace of mind, we tend to overthink.

When it comes to overthinking, I have identified these tips for leveraging this thought process for good.

It is OK to overthink as long as we are aware of where our mind is going and have structures in place to elevate, not hinder, the process of progress. We need to have a strong foundation to allow our mind to develop.

Or establish fences to bounce us back toward our internal compass when we enter a session of deep thought. This could look like applying time limits to a topic, removing certain external opinions, or establishing a particular time and place to allow our mind to freely think.

Recognizing patterns.
Are we thinking from a place of anxiety and lack,
or are we thinking from a place of quantity and strength?
To me, the answer to this question is what distinguishes people who use their minds in stunning ways and people who simply overthink with no outcome.

When I start to recognize anxiety creeping in,
my mind starts to pick up speed.

Instead of coming from a place of power and inspiration, it is ramping up from fear.
The more I begin to understand this pattern, the easier it comes to be to redirect and refocus back to a productive state of mind.

Switch into appreciation.
Regardless of establishing boundaries and understanding our patterns, there will be minutes where we still need help to restrain our mind.
Oftentimes, overthinking sends us into thoughts of the past or questions about the future.
In these moments, it comes down to falling into something that grounds us back into the present.

Establishes anchors within our mind that can replace the overthinking pattern. Instead of getting baffled with ourself, practice gratitude.
Think, "I am grateful for what I am feeling, because it is allowing me to ... "
Instead of sending our thoughts to frustration, anger, or anxiety, focusing on the origin of what is causing this emotional reaction is important.
Oftentimes, this is where the gold lies, where we discover the problem as well as the solution.

When I'm in a happy, positive, and grateful place,
I'm buzzing with ideas.
There's nothing negative about any of it. I'm allowed to live in this hyperdrive state because I know something great is going to come out of it.



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